About Oil of Oregano

About Oil of Oregano

What About Oil of Oregano Makes it Effective?

About Oil of OreganoWhat About Oil of Oregano Makes it Effective? Why is Wild Oil of Oregano better?

It takes about 200 pounds of Origanum Vulgare herb (the most potent type of oregano) to produce 2 pounds of Oil of Oregano. We mix this most potent oil 50%/50% with M.C.T. Oil (medium-chain triglycerides), to make our product. M.C.T. is a coconut extract that does not change its molecular structure, (go rancid) due to light, heat or time. The M.C.T. Oil acts as a solvent, aiding penetration into the skin when used topically. Our Oil of Oregano is guaranteed to be 75-80% Carvacrol. Oil of Oregano is natures natural antiseptic, (it was used to sterilize pre-operative instruments until 1950), It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, (yeast and candida problems), anti-microbial, anti-tissue agent, (meaning it halts coughs and eases spasticity of the lung tubules), mucolytic, (meaning it helps to thin mobilized mucous), anti-spasmodic (meaning it obliterates tightness and spasms of muscles, and anti-parasitic. Oil of oregano was a favorite prescription of ancient Grecian physicians. Many refer to it as a Biblical medicine, believing that oregano was referred to in the Bible as hysops.

Since our Oil of Oregano is highly potent and in a 50/50 mixture with MCT, you can dilute it with more MCT or any other oil if it is too strong in any particular application. If you cannot find MCT oil at your local health food store, you can use a high-grade olive oil or another oil but we suggest that you only mix up small batches with olive oil as it could go hat kind rancid.

What makes Oil of Oregano so great?

Oil of Oregano has many properties that make it useful from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. It is also useful everywhere in between. Starting at your head, it kills head-lice and works as a dandruff fighter when mixed with shampoo. It is anti-bacterial, so it works well in liquid soap on the body. A drop on the back of one’s ear lobe gets rid of ear infections. Putting a drop on your temples helps get rid of headaches. Inhaling the vapors clears the head. A drop on your toothbrush in place of toothpaste will surprise you.

If you swallow after brushing you get an added benefit in the stomach. A drop of two in a gel capsule two or three times a day will get rid of candida when swallowed. It helps to heal cuts and scrapes when applied topically. It relieves pain at the joints when rubbed on those areas. A drop on your chest will help you sleep by purifying the air around you. Applied to the fingernails, it will stop fungal growth. It works on warts, too. Keep it away from your eyes and groin area, it will irritate and cause much discomfort. It is amazing how fast it works on athlete’s foot; you can feel it working immediately. Taking a few drops a couple of times a day while traveling will kill microorganisms and parasites. This is especially helpful while traveling abroad. These are only some of the many uses of Oil of Oregano on the human body. How about using it on your pets?

Why all the hype?

Marketers of Oil of Oregano want you to buy their products, so they emphasize the best part of their product. They tell you that theirs is the best for this or that. What you need to look for is how much Oil of Oregano is in their product, what type of filler oil do they use, the shelf life of their product and the quality of the oregano oil that they may use. Our product has 75-80% of carvacrol, more than most other products on the market. Carvacrol is the active ingredient that gives Oil of Oregano it’s antiseptic action.

What is Oil of Oregano anyway?

It seems there is a lot of confusion about the different types of Oil of Oregano. We hope to clear this up, Oregano is in the Labiated family, (mint) and closely related to basil and marjoram. This is according to one of the leading publications on horticulture, “The Hortus Third Edition”, published by Cornell University. According to our distributor in the Middle East, the horticultural species is Origanum, Generally speaking. Compactum is typically an oregano plant that has pale green oval-shaped leaves and grows to approximately 30 cms in height; it has a sweet and spicy flavor.

This type of oregano is generally grown on the western part of the Aegean coast of Turkey. This plant is most acceptable as a kitchen herb, the oil extracted is parallel with marjoram, which is in the same family. Carvacrol, (which is the active ingredient making its antiseptic properties), levels vary but are said not to be higher than 60% depending on the harvest, location and distillation methods. The Vulgare, on the other hand, is the family name given to those plants which have dark green small leaves on the top as well as on the stem o the plant. The flower is much sharper and more potent. It grows up to 3000 meters and grows mainly on the south coast of Turkey. Carvacrol levels can be as high as 85% in some plants. This is what we are proud to carry, as we feel it highest quality available.

Why should I use it?

Oil of Oregano has been shown to have beneficial properties for the following conditions: digestion, parasites, depression, flu, constipation, rashes, brain fog, lung fungus, toe and fingernail fungus, head lice, aching joints and muscles, warts athlete’s foot, eczema, flu headaches, toothaches, ear infection, fevers, allergies, burns, bleeding fatigue, arthritis, sprains, back pain, colds, when sprayed cleans the air kills bugs on plants, kills fleas, Lyme disease, canker sores, gastrointestinal/colitis/diarrhea, e.coli and try it for whatever else bothers you, all its attributes have yet to be explored.

How do I use it?

The application can cause a die-off reaction, so start slowly. We recommend a drop, preferably in an empty gel capsule, one to three times a day. Increase according to how you feel and react. You may notice a possible feeling of tiredness; this is caused by the die-off reaction of the germs that are killed by the oregano oil, followed by increased energy. It can be applied externally, everywhere but on the mucous membrane, as it will really burn. Rub a drop on the athlete’s foot and see what happens. A drop on your toothbrush will leave your mouth feeling clean and tingly. Great when rubbed on sore joints and muscles.